This is the process of making sure search engines identify your website for a set of words and phrases that you would expect your website to be found for when a potential customer searches for them.   More visitors = more prospects. Imagine your website as a back street shop where nobody walks passed.  In order to attract people in to your back street shop, you need to display a sign in the high street where everyone is walking.  This is what Search Engine Optimisation will do for your website.

What’s involved in Search Engine Optimisation?

This is an involved and lengthy process involving many stages, often taking as long as the website design itself, to research the competition, perform keyword analysis, edit the website content appropriately, develop a series of relevant back links (incoming links from other websites to yours), and much more.

What does this mean for me?

Search engine optimisation help to bring more visitors to your website.  Without it, you can only expect visitors to your website if you’ve given them the website address on a business card, leaflet or letterhead.

Is this all that’s needed to get lots of visitors?

No.  Businesses that maximise the potential of their website and get more visitors (potential customers), utilise a series of advertising techniques, including search engine optimisation, Facebook fan pages, Twitter updates, regular Blog and article posts to keep visitors interested, Google Advertisements and more, including offline methods too.

You must spend as much attention to your online customers as you do your offline customers, if not more.


You wouldn’t start a business without a marketing plan, such as leaflets, an ad in your local shop window, or even a banner on your car or van.  So why would you have a website without promoting it?

Marketing your website online is a way of advertising your website and ultimately your business across the internet, for the same reason you would promote your business offline - to get you noticed.


However, you shouldn’t overlook the importance of offline marketing your website either.  Make sure you display your website on your business cards, your letterheads, invoices, purchase orders, your shop window if you have one and any other materials you print or publish.

Internet Marketing is not just about optimising your website to appear in a search engine for a key phrase.  There are many online Internet Marketing techniques, from Google Advertisements, Facebook Fan Pages, Twitter, writing Articles, having a news blog, using YouTube, web banners and links on other web sites, links or ads on business directories, email marketing, ebooks, Amazon products, Google Product Base, and many more, that we use to get your website noticed.


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